Monday, May 31, 2010

Going Miniature

As of yesterday, my new obsession is miniature gardens.  There is nothing more exciting than the world of gardening and miniatures; the two combined is mind-boggling.  While this may not be the truth, I'm still obsessed.  Miniature gardens capture a fantasy that allow the viewer to appreciate the intricate details of design.  While life-size gardens are without a doubt beautiful and breathtaking, there is no denying the intrigue that miniatures inspire.  I was asked in my Lighting Practicum class to make a creation that uses light in an unconventional way.  Since I lack the knowledge and capabilities to do more than install batteries, I opted for single decorative lights that require a simple twist-on twist-off action.  I created my garden using fake mulch and flowers, pebbles, miniature shells, paint, small beads and string to create fireflies, and some simple wiring structures to make a flower lamp.  The first picture is of my project and the others are amazing little miniatures that I found.  Hello new summer craft!  Be on the look out for more creations.