Thursday, July 26, 2012

Alice in da Club?

I mentioned earlier that I thought of creating a modern version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but what if I stick with my original idea of fantasy and merge it with a modern "Alice" who explores her relation to the world in both a wonderland and real setting?  The possibility of a camera has freed up the possibility of so many more settings as opposed to the theatre, and I think it would allow me to express a clearer dichotomy between reality and wonderland.  Currently, I am thinking of using feelings of disenchantment with reality and exploring new possibilities in a wonderland to reveal a truth, or questions, about identity.  How does our reality construct a version of one's self?  How does one's self affect a given reality?  What role does perspective have on reality and identity?  To one's self, one may perceive themselves and a shared reality as entirely different from surrounding cognizant figures.  I have several scenarios I would like to explore.  I would like the "Alice" of my video to be disenchanted with her social reality and who she is in a given situation.  I would like to juxtapose fantasy scenes with related "real" scenes.  I think I would like to follow Alice as she gets ready for a party/night on the town. Some rambling thoughts:
Tea Party scene couples with drinking at a Halloween party
Social dancing vs performance dancing
Social Queen vs Red Queen
Head is spinning caucus race with all of characters from wonderland who deposit Alice into real life. I don't think that Alice necessarily feels a sense of identity in her real life and escapes in and out of wonderland to find herself.
A reality scene would run as follows:
I need a clip of a bouncer asking, "who are you?"
Alice replies, "I beg your pardon?"
"Your name, on the list?"
Alice looks on in confusion.
"If you want to get in, I need a name."
Alice, more to herself:  "my name?"
Someone blows a puff of cigarette smoke in her face, "Just give him your name"- scene fades in the cloud of smoke.
*Fantasy scene with a caterpillar character asking about her identity would then follow*
Inside the club scene occurs afterward
The name scene above relates to two chapters.  "Advice from a Caterpillar" in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and "Looking-glass Insects" in Through the Looking-Glass.


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