Thursday, July 26, 2012

Project Inspiration

For my final project, I have been considering creating a dance film based on a piece that I have always wanted to execute based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  I have several thoughts I wish to post regarding this idea, but for now I want to share a performance art video by Liz Aggniss.  While I do not currently possess the technical ability to create a piece as complex as Aggniss', I am inspired by her manipulation of time and space, both concepts that I am interested in working with.  Also, her focus on setting and how it relates, (or doesn't relate), to movement parallels my own desires in creating art.  I am enamored with elaborate settings that dictates movement or that a dancer can completely ignore, creating the illusion of a disinterest/separation from reality.  I love fantasy and dreams and have noticed several techniques that can help create these notions in the following video.  Beside the scenery and costumes, the warped sound and use of focus by the dancer towards the camera manipulate reality.  As a separate note, I ADORE the costumes in this video and how they work to enforce the dancers movement, but at the same time possess a movement all of their own, (see pictures by Masny).

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