Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final Project Revamp

After a cleansing talk with a dear friend and fellow collaborator, I have realized that for this project I have set my ambitions too high.  However, I feel like it would be such a shame to let all of my thinking and planning go to waste that I want to share the beginning of a project treatment here.  I would love for this project to be completed at one time or another, but giving the time and financial constraints, now is not that time.  Instead, I am going to narrow my focus and broaden my span.  This is the beginning of what I was hoping to have accomplished:
My work is to be a ten minute performance art dance film that highlights the experience of one girl, Alice, as she struggles with questions of her identity in a socially dominated night club.  As she stumbles through her night, she comes across several characters who help her come to a resolution about who she is.  These characters are represented equally in the nightlife, as well as a wonderland.  Her identity is revealed through a dichotomy of two experiences; a sexualized and socially laden night life and a whimsical, creative wonderland that captivates innocence and a sense of clarity amidst chaotic images.
Several allegorical characters help illuminate Alice's experience.  The White Rabbit is the token of Alice's desire.  In this film it is an attractive guy that lures her subconsciously into the raucous nightlife where Alice feels she must adapt in order to gain his affections.  In Wonderland, he is the figure that connects all of her experiences.  The Caterpillar is a stranger in line, as well as a member of the Red Queen's inner circle.  He gets Alice to question her identity in  both worlds as he encourages her to conform in the club, yet stay true to herself in Wonderland.  The Red Queen is Queen of the night club, but Alice's mentor in Wonderland.  She allows Alice to create the rules and helps Alice to understand that she is a master of her own self and an individual in the otherwise homogenous club.
I think instead I am going to highlight this idea of social dancing in a club and how the context of the same movement is represented and contextualized in a completely different, natural setting.  While I am abandoning the story line of Alice, I still feel I am interested in identity.  But instead of exploring one's psychological identity, I will be more interested in a movement identity.  How is provocative movement interpreted in different settings?  Also, what does one's outfit and dress add or detract from both a perceived and intentional message?  How does this fabric shape movement?
On a totally different note, what if I instead focused solely on the movement of different fabrics?
Either way, I envision two, if not more, settings.  The first being a club, or a place similar, with bright lights and intense colors.  I would contrast this with the softness of trees or rolling waves.  The fabrics would reflect the two different color palates as well as the setting.
I am still interested in filming very specific moments to capture detailed movement that is often overlooked.  Again, I love the work in "Motion Control," (posted below), and would love to replicate that specificity and manipulation of time/speed.

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