Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final Project Musings

I have been considering for my final project a video adaptation of a dance piece that I have been picturing for several years.  However, now that it has the possibility of coming to fruition, naturally it's already changing.  I have always been interested in the fantastical and elaborate, and while that is still true for my vision of this project, I am considering taking a less decorated approach as far as setting.  The main issue that I believe I am centering around is that of identity.  What if instead of having "Alice" walking around in a fantasy land, she is wandering the streets of downtown, a Halloween party, and a night club in addition to gardens and natural bodies?  Is she still dreaming?  Am I still interested in exploring identity through a dream?  Thoughts?
This photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz has always been a source of inspirations as she has incorporated the character of Alice into a modern, yet still dreamy, setting.  The costuming is incredible as is the interpretation of the actual text to the recreated characters.  Please also note the fabulous picture where the male-queen is yelling "Off with her head!"  I just realized the queen is a drag queen.  FABULOUS!

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