Thursday, July 26, 2012

Essays on Alice

"Looking at a chronological listing of the most popular images of Alice, it is undeniable that she's been maturing with the passage of the years: the once innocent child heroine is now commonly depicted as a physically mature young woman, and the Wonderland that surrounds her is more commonly employed as a place of experience than as a place of innocence" (175).
"Fundamentally, Alice exists within a Wonderland of our own construction, an ever-shifting locale that reflects social concerns and the kinds of growth we feel she should experience..." (176).
"Jack Zipes remarks that Carroll's writing was part of a trajectory on the part of Victorian fantasists who were on a 'quest ofr a new fairy-tale form [that] stemmed from a psychological rejection and rebellion against the 'norms' of English society,' and that 'Carroll made one of the moste radical statements on behalf of the fairy tale and the child's perspective by conceiving of a fantastic plot with no ostensible moral purpose" (178).
This list of quotes, which will grow over the next few days, (citations and editing needed), is from a compliation of essays regarding Alice.  I will go into further detail with these later, but primarily I am inspired by the clarity of the forms of interpretation.  In turn, I think I have decided the overlying and underlying means to my work: identity and innocence through a dichotomy of two experiences; a sexualized and socially ladden night life and a whimsical, explorative wonderland that captivates innocence and a sense of clarity admist chaotic images.  I envision bits of choreography at varying tempos entertwined with movement from related symbolic imagery.
These thoughts are in part a record and keepsake for myself, but as always commentary and criticism is appreciated :)

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